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Coming Back Boys

December 1st 2017 Boston’s 617 Room is back boys. See you all there 


How to join? Use the link above save it to your browser. Keep it in your bookmarks. Every time you wanna join the 617 Room use the url !!!

No more Zoom Room Number 




Purgatory Friday’s

In Roman Catholic theology, Purgatory is a place for those destined for heaven but had to undergo purification to achieve holiness that is needed to enter heaven. The word Purgatory has come to refer also to a wide range of historical and modern conceptions of after death you are sent here as a suffering everlasting damnation and you are stuck in this state of torment until cleared of all your sins. Everyone can have a say and what they believe purgatory is or exactly what supposedly the books say about it. But we are not here for the Science Fiction talk. We all know we are sinner’s so maybe if we are going to be stuck somewhere let’s make Boston’s 617 Room Fridays nights the new Purgatory for us sinners to get together and cleanse our souls of the sins we do if not this Friday one Friday we can get around to doing that. For now, let’s sin like bad little shit heads and cloud it up together and take out our gear the toys whips chain the leather and get the S & M torture rolling on camera and ParTy & Play with one another from across the world.

Do Cum In…
And Join us in Boston’s 617 Room the ParTy and Play Room Worldwide.
Join by URL http://www.Bostons617Room.com or https://zoom.us/j/6175556969

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Purgatory Friday’s
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