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Coming Back Boys

December 1st 2017 Boston’s 617 Room is back boys. See you all there 


How to join? Use the link above save it to your browser. Keep it in your bookmarks. Every time you wanna join the 617 Room use the url !!!

No more Zoom Room Number 



We are Open

Once again, I apologize for any inconvenience of this morning closure of the room may have caused. I was not available to stay in room as host while I was dealing with an issue regarding tech concerns, while I was being messaged about what was going on. I should have notified everyone that certain features were off but when I entered the room I was not informed of the chat being closed. The host and Cohost had to close the chat down due to technical issues and I was handling things in back ground not seeing the messages from everyone.

Boston Boy Loganimages (20)

Email: Mailto:Logan@Bostons617Room.com

I would like to remind everyone there is a contact number email for myself for my friend Micheal who handles most tech issues and always someone available so next time there is a issue going on with the room and it seems that the host co host or myself are not aware or fixing the issue please use the bellow to contact.

Click to open call me page

Click the Icon Above to Contact me directly

Boston Boy Logan

Click the Icon Below to Contact our Auto Attendant who will connect your call to someone who is available at that time.

Click to open call me page

*Please Read Carefully*
All incoming Calls to our Auto Attendant require you to identify caller information. You must provide Caller ID before the call will be routed to the system. If false number is used the system will just send you to voicemail and request to call back after you have unblocked or made your ID known this is to prevent spam calls. Also any and all calls are subject to being recorded and also may be monitored by another person or supervisor to ensure quality and assurance.

The New Way to Access Boston’s 617


We have a New URL web address


So as of today Boston’s 617 Room has a Primary Domain Address that links to the room. So now you can access the room from any device anywhere you are and anytime. Just open your web browser on your device and type in http://www.Bostons617Room.com and from there you will be launched right into the room. Also this is much better way of sharing with friends or posting the room on your social media feel free to do so spread the word be sure to bookmark us or favorite us in your browser. Then remember next time someone ask “Hey do you know any Zoom numbers”  Simply share the website address with them and there in the group. ParTy and Play Room Boston’s 617

Boston Boy Logan Presents

A Hosted Room By Bear in PHX

Try The Link Here www.bostons617Room.com