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Fourth of July ParTy in Boston’s 617

Hopefully all you are already following this site or a member or subscriber of one of Boston Boy Logan’s Email List on Google WordPress Skype Constant Contact. If you are not a follower Sorry to say that all new followers starting today are not part of the invitation list to register for this Locked Room Event But Here is a last hail Mary pass use the options below click the button scan the QR Code or Text us and you r email will be added to our mailing list if room is available after the Invitations go out tonight we will post daily the amount of registered RSVP to the event the room will be 200 Attendees so whatever spots are open this email list will be the next to start getting invites. This Event is not held in the 617 555 6969 Room This event will be a link with a password in the link that only will be sent to the ones Invited this link will be attached and only used once with the email it was sent to if you share the links or any of the contents and someone else try to join the room by that link your email will then be voided from the list and you will not be able to return into the event. If anyone attended the New Years Party it;s the same set up as then just a few extra security twerks, So hurry up sign up while we have room.

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Or Scan The QR Code
Sign-Up Form 6-21-2017
Finally You can Send a Text And follow the steps from there

The New Way to Access Boston’s 617


We have a New URL web address


So as of today Boston’s 617 Room has a Primary Domain Address that links to the room. So now you can access the room from any device anywhere you are and anytime. Just open your web browser on your device and type in http://www.Bostons617Room.com and from there you will be launched right into the room. Also this is much better way of sharing with friends or posting the room on your social media feel free to do so spread the word be sure to bookmark us or favorite us in your browser. Then remember next time someone ask “Hey do you know any Zoom numbers”  Simply share the website address with them and there in the group. ParTy and Play Room Boston’s 617

Boston Boy Logan Presents

A Hosted Room By Bear in PHX

Try The Link Here www.bostons617Room.com