Room Requirements

Boston’s 617 Room

Attendee Requirements

  • Attendees must be invited to attend this meeting via email or link directly sent to you.
  • Attendee must have webcam/device turned on upon entering the room.
  • Attendee must be visible at all times no exceptions.
  • Attendee can not broadcast any feed. No PIP and no simulated Camera.
  • Attendee can not record, Screen shot or any other means.
  • Attendee must be of legal age as agreed upon signing up on Zoom in addition you are responsible for your guest they are also required if on camera to be of legal age.
  • Attendee is responsible of making all people on your camera feed are aware of it.
  • The HOST OR CO HOST are not mediators they are not there to resolve issues or keep reminding people of these rules. They are instructed to remove all who break these rules warning is not required. Complaints against any host or co will be rejected I monitor the chat periodically I trust there judgment in full and would never question a decision that they made.
  • All people in the meeting have there right to enjoy there time in the room. Passing judgement or doing nothing besides staring on cam and making facial expressions of eyes rolling disgust in there attitude. Being a queen cunt will get you removed instantly.
  • Chat board’s are mainly for pvt chat if you use public words are G rated nothing illegal or offensive is to be said.
  • Sharing links to sites or other rooms email or phone numbers is not allowed we dont know what you are sharimg if its legal or if even your info.
  • The HOST may change or implement additional rules at thete discretion they do so on order to keep everything running smooth.
  • Email contact

Boston's 617 Room

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