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Room Service… Room Service?? Room Service!!!

Boston’s 617 Room Service

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We are bringing the hottest boys of the 617 to the new website “Coming Soon” So here is the Casting call!! Be a model on live Cam make money for having fun in your room, Set your own hours, be the boss and admin your own site. Customizable features and make money when offline by filling your store page up with all kinds of items sell your own product or use the suggested items we provide, ship and promise your customers the best service they had ordering online. Share the money yes we take a cut of what you make on cam and products sold in store that we provide. There is a really cool part coming to that crappy take money part! You make and keep 90% of what you make compare that to other online cam sites and see the fees we charge to there’s. Even better you don’t pay anything at all we provide the site design it to your like deploy the site host the site on our server allow unlimited bandwidth and even let you upload as many videos you want to sell share etc.. You just provide the hmmm how to say this… That money maker!! Be on cam promote send regular email promotions, make discount sale event’s or deals on new members joining. We give the tools you do the promotional work. Wanna know more? Contact me let me know your interested and someone will get back to you.



Now accepting bookings…

The ParTy and Play Room is now in your room. Real sex parties with some hot guys from the large network of friends of Boston Boy Logan’s email list and other social media followers along with sponsor’s of the website and Boston’s 617 Room.

Book your party today and we will help with invites and all the other details of a great group party.

Visit our site to choose your option package then chat live with a event planner.



Boston's 617 Room

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