Coming Back Boys

December 1st 2017 Boston’s 617 Room is back boys. See you all there

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Tech up Your Night

Tech up your night with us,

Boston’s 617 Room Saturday’s Agenda


Friday night was a huge blow out capacity of 100 was reached all through the night. That’s one fucking party night. It’s now 5:53am as this post is being done up and the room still is at 98 as of right now.
Come join us in the 617 Room Tech up Your House with our Techno Music from some of the best Djs around the world broadcasting live on We will be mixing the selection from clubzone to Hypnotic with Missy B to the Grind with Dj HA Hudson Alexander and a ton more all day into the early hours of the morning Sunday.
Host Boston Boy Logan
Host Yeahimdirty
Host Dez Nudo
And many more of your regular Co-host making there appearances through the day.

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Copy of Techno Night

Thanks to you…


I just wanted to say thank you, The past week or so we have had problems again with spammers who disrupt the room by flooding the chats. I want everyone to know that I am working on a solution to stop this from happening. I will be looking for more Host and Co Host to be in the room so that if this happens we can stop it more quickly.


Join us here2017-08-11_10-25-44.jpg


Purgatory Friday’s

In Roman Catholic theology, Purgatory is a place for those destined for heaven but had to undergo purification to achieve holiness that is needed to enter heaven. The word Purgatory has come to refer also to a wide range of historical and modern conceptions of after death you are sent here as a suffering everlasting damnation and you are stuck in this state of torment until cleared of all your sins. Everyone can have a say and what they believe purgatory is or exactly what supposedly the books say about it. But we are not here for the Science Fiction talk. We all know we are sinner’s so maybe if we are going to be stuck somewhere let’s make Boston’s 617 Room Fridays nights the new Purgatory for us sinners to get together and cleanse our souls of the sins we do if not this Friday one Friday we can get around to doing that. For now, let’s sin like bad little shit heads and cloud it up together and take out our gear the toys whips chain the leather and get the S & M torture rolling on camera and ParTy & Play with one another from across the world.

Do Cum In…
And Join us in Boston’s 617 Room the ParTy and Play Room Worldwide.
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Purgatory Friday’s
Boston Boy Logan Presents
2017 Copyright

We are Open

Once again, I apologize for any inconvenience of this morning closure of the room may have caused. I was not available to stay in room as host while I was dealing with an issue regarding tech concerns, while I was being messaged about what was going on. I should have notified everyone that certain features were off but when I entered the room I was not informed of the chat being closed. The host and Cohost had to close the chat down due to technical issues and I was handling things in back ground not seeing the messages from everyone.

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I would like to remind everyone there is a contact number email for myself for my friend Micheal who handles most tech issues and always someone available so next time there is a issue going on with the room and it seems that the host co host or myself are not aware or fixing the issue please use the bellow to contact.

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Boston Boy Logan

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Fourth of July ParTy in Boston’s 617

Hopefully all you are already following this site or a member or subscriber of one of Boston Boy Logan’s Email List on Google WordPress Skype Constant Contact. If you are not a follower Sorry to say that all new followers starting today are not part of the invitation list to register for this Locked Room Event But Here is a last hail Mary pass use the options below click the button scan the QR Code or Text us and you r email will be added to our mailing list if room is available after the Invitations go out tonight we will post daily the amount of registered RSVP to the event the room will be 200 Attendees so whatever spots are open this email list will be the next to start getting invites. This Event is not held in the 617 555 6969 Room This event will be a link with a password in the link that only will be sent to the ones Invited this link will be attached and only used once with the email it was sent to if you share the links or any of the contents and someone else try to join the room by that link your email will then be voided from the list and you will not be able to return into the event. If anyone attended the New Years Party it;s the same set up as then just a few extra security twerks, So hurry up sign up while we have room.

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Boy’s in Jocks Yummy

It’s Saturday Night Boy’s

So let’s get the ParTy started off tonight with everyone wearing there best Jock strap G String or what ever shows those bums we wanna see those money makers those boys who can make the ground shake with a few booty slaps to the floor ‘Ok Maybe that was to much’ Either way Its Saturday night and Boston’s 617 Room is going to be the hottest room on tonight!! Why is that?  Because we are every night from morning till morning the guys that roll through are always looking so fresh and sexy showing off all they got. So I will be there with my best Jock Strap on you all better come prepared and show me some ASS tonight.  Your Host Bear in PHX will be Opening the house Event starting at 11:00 pm with some of your well known Co Host Rotating around the clock. So come on by the Place you know you should be Boston’s 617 Room  The ParTy & Play Room

Click here to Join Now

Hosted By Bear in PHX

This is Adult only Room No one under the age of 18 or 21 in some states are allowed to attend when using the link to join the room you are agreeing that you are over the legal age and that you understand and accept all terms and conditions of Boston Boy Logan Presents The Boston’s 617 Room that can be found on the site under terms and conditions. You also are entering a third party site that operated under there own Terms please be sure to read the terms of service located on there website.

The ParTy & Play Room

Boston’s 617 Room

Early this morning we had a Spammer attack the room and they attepmted many times over and over to jam the room up and drive the host crazy that happen to be me this morning while all other host were on there off time. Well as you can see the room is fine we had a few issues that I would like to apologize for the inconvenience as to chat being shut off for a bit while we worked on our security and came up with a solution to stop this sad person. I would like to first off give a huge thanks to my host and co host who all came to help during this attack everyone responded quickly and allowed us to get to finding a solution on fixing the issue. I would also like to thank all the members of 617 for staying with us while we had to make changes to the room and had chat closed for a while. The spammer should now see that there attack had no effect on us we had a few numbers drop during but as soon as we went back online and fully functional our room returned to having close to full capacity again. That really makes me happy to know we have loyal members that stick with us even during these dumb ass attacks.  The room is open and going we have many new co host that have joined on with us and of Course we have our head host Bear in PHX holding the room down with music and good times among friends. So stop on by say hi I will be staying in the room today off and on to help Bear if needs me. Thanks again everyone.

Just to let everyone know we are always looking for more co host or host so if looking to join on with us speak with Bear in PHX The head host see what he can work out with you.

Boston Boy Logan

Happy 420 Everyone

That’s Right 4/20/2017

If you are a Pot smoker than tomorrow should be a holiday that you don’t miss. It’s the national Pot smokers get high and get fucked up all day long and not give a fuck about a dam thing. Well at least that’s how it was for me growing up, Skip school chill out at someone’s house were the parents was both hard workers and we knew that smoking up kicking back playing video games munching out on the kinds of shit that if I was to eat today I would have to be at the gym trying to figure out the best way to work out the fat from a double chin issue. I have noticed that as the years since middle school into high school and fuck even in College smoking pot just faded away from me and a lot of my friends. I think it had a lot to do with the new era of Adderall and any pill or powder to speed shit up everything became a hurry and sleeping was a waste of time and something I know I wanted to be awake and on the go all the time so we’d just was not going to help me with that. Then I would have to say all of life since then has always been a rush and needing to get more done and sleep less or not get shit in your life going the way expected. Today I can’t even remember the last time I even took a hit of a joint or rolled up a blunt or fuck even packed a bowl and just chilled out to MTV and did nothing cared about shit and was all about being a fat ass with all my favorite junk foods. Well tomorrow I am saying fuck all the speeding around and always on the go and most of all fuck that bitch Tina she is going to have to take the back seat on this day because I am going to roll myself a fat ass blunt if that’s what they still use now a day I don’t even know. Fuck I don’t even know If I can roll a blunt shit I better call my little brother or something to help with this task. But anyways once all that is figured out blunt in hand fat ass foods all around me to munch out on a good movie to laugh my ass off watching I think I am going to enjoy tomorrow and the 420 holiday and I really hope all you guys do as well maybe you already smoke pot on a regular or maybe you turned into me the speed demon and ant no fucking slowing you and that bitch Tina down. Whatever one you are take a break tomorrow from all the hustle and in the go or tweaking out around the house. Smoke a fatty eat some junk food we all know that we all could use some pounds packed on and just enjoy the day I know I miss the days when there was not a care in the world and I want to enjoy one of them again so Happy 420 my fellow friends and If you feel like getting fucked up together come on into the room smoke up with your boy and we will even have a movie I’m sure you all can remember half-baked this kick off starts at 7 pm my time boys always on my time. See you there and if you must bring That bitch Tina then I won’t be upset I might join for a few clouds with all you but pot is my mission. Join the 420 Here xoxo Boston Boy Logan


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10% Off this Weekend + Macho ANONYMOUS AUGUST Parties

Site Update

Date: 08-06-18 02:58:36 PM

Here is the info for the Macho ANONYMOUS AUGUST Parties:

It is BYOM (Bring Ur Own Mask) Anonymous Month (not required by why not have fun?)

Not in SoCal? You can still join in on the Anonymous Mask Fun in Video Chat!
This weekend we are giving a 10% discount.

Upgrade anytime from Thursday Aug 9th until Sat Aug 11th At Midnight (Los Angeles Time) and use promo code: anonymous

Now for the parties…

North Hollywood:
Fri Aug 10th 9pm-3am
Fri Aug 31st 9pm-3am
Threshold LA, 11300 Hartland St, North Hollywood, 91605

San Bernardino:
Mon Aug 13th 4pm-10pm – 18-25 half off mon nights
Sat Aug 18th 11am-6pm
Club FA, 1775 Devore Rd, San Bernardino, 92407

All Parties are $20 @ door – 18 and older

2-for-1 the 1st hour of the parties so bring a buddy!

Heroes get in FREE with ID (Military, Police, Firemen).

Free clothes check/snacks/drinks.

Checkout our videos about the parties on

Zoom Room Open

Zoom Room Link



You are invited to a Zoom meeting now.

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Or iPhone one-tap:
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