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10% Off this Weekend + Macho ANONYMOUS AUGUST Parties

Site Update

Date: 08-06-18 02:58:36 PM

Here is the info for the Macho ANONYMOUS AUGUST Parties:

It is BYOM (Bring Ur Own Mask) Anonymous Month (not required by why not have fun?)

Not in SoCal? You can still join in on the Anonymous Mask Fun in Video Chat!
This weekend we are giving a 10% discount.

Upgrade anytime from Thursday Aug 9th until Sat Aug 11th At Midnight (Los Angeles Time) and use promo code: anonymous

Now for the parties…

North Hollywood:
Fri Aug 10th 9pm-3am
Fri Aug 31st 9pm-3am
Threshold LA, 11300 Hartland St, North Hollywood, 91605

San Bernardino:
Mon Aug 13th 4pm-10pm – 18-25 half off mon nights
Sat Aug 18th 11am-6pm
Club FA, 1775 Devore Rd, San Bernardino, 92407

All Parties are $20 @ door – 18 and older

2-for-1 the 1st hour of the parties so bring a buddy!

Heroes get in FREE with ID (Military, Police, Firemen).

Free clothes check/snacks/drinks.

Checkout our videos about the parties on


Register for Boston Boy Logan’s 30th “again” Birthday ParTy

Hi there,

You are invited to a Zoom meeting.
When: Oct 7, 2017 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (US and Canada)

Register in advance for this meeting:
Click here to Register

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.


Purgatory Friday’s

In Roman Catholic theology, Purgatory is a place for those destined for heaven but had to undergo purification to achieve holiness that is needed to enter heaven. The word Purgatory has come to refer also to a wide range of historical and modern conceptions of after death you are sent here as a suffering everlasting damnation and you are stuck in this state of torment until cleared of all your sins. Everyone can have a say and what they believe purgatory is or exactly what supposedly the books say about it. But we are not here for the Science Fiction talk. We all know we are sinner’s so maybe if we are going to be stuck somewhere let’s make Boston’s 617 Room Fridays nights the new Purgatory for us sinners to get together and cleanse our souls of the sins we do if not this Friday one Friday we can get around to doing that. For now, let’s sin like bad little shit heads and cloud it up together and take out our gear the toys whips chain the leather and get the S & M torture rolling on camera and ParTy & Play with one another from across the world.

Do Cum In…
And Join us in Boston’s 617 Room the ParTy and Play Room Worldwide.
Join by URL or

Click here to Join now

Purgatory Friday’s
Boston Boy Logan Presents
2017 Copyright

Fourth of July ParTy in Boston’s 617

Hopefully all you are already following this site or a member or subscriber of one of Boston Boy Logan’s Email List on Google WordPress Skype Constant Contact. If you are not a follower Sorry to say that all new followers starting today are not part of the invitation list to register for this Locked Room Event But Here is a last hail Mary pass use the options below click the button scan the QR Code or Text us and you r email will be added to our mailing list if room is available after the Invitations go out tonight we will post daily the amount of registered RSVP to the event the room will be 200 Attendees so whatever spots are open this email list will be the next to start getting invites. This Event is not held in the 617 555 6969 Room This event will be a link with a password in the link that only will be sent to the ones Invited this link will be attached and only used once with the email it was sent to if you share the links or any of the contents and someone else try to join the room by that link your email will then be voided from the list and you will not be able to return into the event. If anyone attended the New Years Party it;s the same set up as then just a few extra security twerks, So hurry up sign up while we have room.

Sign Up Now

Or Scan The QR Code
Sign-Up Form 6-21-2017
Finally You can Send a Text And follow the steps from there

The ParTy & Play Room

Boston’s 617 Room

Early this morning we had a Spammer attack the room and they attepmted many times over and over to jam the room up and drive the host crazy that happen to be me this morning while all other host were on there off time. Well as you can see the room is fine we had a few issues that I would like to apologize for the inconvenience as to chat being shut off for a bit while we worked on our security and came up with a solution to stop this sad person. I would like to first off give a huge thanks to my host and co host who all came to help during this attack everyone responded quickly and allowed us to get to finding a solution on fixing the issue. I would also like to thank all the members of 617 for staying with us while we had to make changes to the room and had chat closed for a while. The spammer should now see that there attack had no effect on us we had a few numbers drop during but as soon as we went back online and fully functional our room returned to having close to full capacity again. That really makes me happy to know we have loyal members that stick with us even during these dumb ass attacks.  The room is open and going we have many new co host that have joined on with us and of Course we have our head host Bear in PHX holding the room down with music and good times among friends. So stop on by say hi I will be staying in the room today off and on to help Bear if needs me. Thanks again everyone.

Just to let everyone know we are always looking for more co host or host so if looking to join on with us speak with Bear in PHX The head host see what he can work out with you.

Boston Boy Logan

Boston's 617 Room

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