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2 thoughts on “The ParTy & Play Room”

  1. I really miss this zoom room, as do many others. In the beginning I ‘d receive emails and such, with updates and other information. It was like belong to special club, an an honor to be asked to join it. Then quite suddenly, I stopped receiving any emails or updates from Logan.
    At the time I figured I must have done something wrong or offended Logan in some way. But all I did was to encourage more than thirty acquaintances to join. It’s not like Logan to leave this site seemingly up and running, but with no current news since (when was it?) way back in February of this year

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    1. Hey Eliot, Hopefully you been receiving my updates and latest post her on my site but in case you missed any of them. The Room is open again and has been for about a month now with incredible record number of new members and everyone from our Private exclusive members only club. Hope to see you there. SATURDAY JUNE 16 11PM BOSTON’S 617 ROOM -PRIDE EVENT-


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