Happy 420 Everyone

That’s Right 4/20/2017

If you are a Pot smoker than tomorrow should be a holiday that you don’t miss. It’s the national Pot smokers get high and get fucked up all day long and not give a fuck about a dam thing. Well at least that’s how it was for me growing up, Skip school chill out at someone’s house were the parents was both hard workers and we knew that smoking up kicking back playing video games munching out on the kinds of shit that if I was to eat today I would have to be at the gym trying to figure out the best way to work out the fat from a double chin issue. I have noticed that as the years since middle school into high school and fuck even in College smoking pot just faded away from me and a lot of my friends. I think it had a lot to do with the new era of Adderall and any pill or powder to speed shit up everything became a hurry and sleeping was a waste of time and something I know I wanted to be awake and on the go all the time so we’d just was not going to help me with that. Then I would have to say all of life since then has always been a rush and needing to get more done and sleep less or not get shit in your life going the way expected. Today I can’t even remember the last time I even took a hit of a joint or rolled up a blunt or fuck even packed a bowl and just chilled out to MTV and did nothing cared about shit and was all about being a fat ass with all my favorite junk foods. Well tomorrow I am saying fuck all the speeding around and always on the go and most of all fuck that bitch Tina she is going to have to take the back seat on this day because I am going to roll myself a fat ass blunt if that’s what they still use now a day I don’t even know. Fuck I don’t even know If I can roll a blunt shit I better call my little brother or something to help with this task. But anyways once all that is figured out blunt in hand fat ass foods all around me to munch out on a good movie to laugh my ass off watching I think I am going to enjoy tomorrow and the 420 holiday and I really hope all you guys do as well maybe you already smoke pot on a regular or maybe you turned into me the speed demon and ant no fucking slowing you and that bitch Tina down. Whatever one you are take a break tomorrow from all the hustle and in the go or tweaking out around the house. Smoke a fatty eat some junk food we all know that we all could use some pounds packed on and just enjoy the day I know I miss the days when there was not a care in the world and I want to enjoy one of them again so Happy 420 my fellow friends and If you feel like getting fucked up together come on into the room smoke up with your boy and we will even have a movie I’m sure you all can remember half-baked this kick off starts at 7 pm my time boys always on my time. See you there and if you must bring That bitch Tina then I won’t be upset I might join for a few clouds with all you but pot is my mission. Join the 420 Here xoxo Boston Boy Logan


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