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Just a reminder that the Boston’s 617 Room will be a locked password protected room that only subscribers that are following will be able to attend. Basically we need your email and you have multiple ways to follow us. This site here on home page or side bar look for the wordpress Logo or the sign up botton. If you are already subscribed you wont see these things you should see a message saying your already following.
Following from another source?
Some of you have probably  signed up to join the email list especially since it has been a year already that this plan of email list being used but many of you are still hesitant to submit your email mostly to privacy and  have mentioned the amounts of spam that would be sent out. So many of you have questions of why and for what purpose and how is my email and personal information going to stay private if you do sign up.
Privacy of sensitive content
When you sumbit your email to this website to follow this blog page from our part we dont see any information it is so when a post goes up on this site by any of Boston Boy Logan’s team you receive a email letting you know that this site and the person that posted is now visible. That email will notify you to check out the page and see upcoming events or password protected rooms or any other information being  shared by us to you  community members. So your information is protected on here by the privacy policy you can find by checking out the link I left below. I am pretty sure that you will appreciate knowing that your information is protected by us and the site

Click here to view Privacy Policy

Our Own Privacy Policy

We do have a privacy policy posted in the sites terms and conditions page there you can view all our policies that cover this site as well as any other media we use to connect with everyone. I would like to just remind everyone that each site that we may utilize for communication in addition has there own terms of servive, Privacy, or any policies regarding to there site so if you are playing in someone’s back yard you need to make sure you know what is the rules of the master 🙂
As always feel free to send me a email or you can comment right here under this post and I am always a bit delayed but I will respond to any questions regarding the post above or about any questions regarding any of the media sites utilized by us anything regarding the actual site its best to go there and look at there information.
We are not affiliated with any of the sites or social media networks we use this includes any link found on this site or advertised by us its a simple way to get you the user to the page or room that we are meeting in example “zoom” we post the link and promote the room by using the link on multiple places but the property rights for the trade mark copy right are owned by the company.

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